In-Flight Simulation

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What is In-Flight Simulation?

A real aircraft that can simulate many other aircraft or unusual conditions.

In-flight simulators feature many of the same technologies used in ground simulators (modeling, control loaders, cockpit displays, and actuation systems). Unlike ground based simulators, In-flight simulator computers drive real responses of aircraft instead of displays and motion systems. Pilots experience real outside visuals cues and motions instead of computer generated visuals. (READ MORE)

How is it Used?

Exposes Pilots and Engineers to Different Aircraft Characteristics

In-Flight Simulators have many uses. In-flight simulators are amazing training tools. They allow test pilots and engineers to experience concepts they have only read about. In-flight simulators allow pilots to experience poor aircraft handling characteristics (like Icing or aft CG) in a safe environment. They are also used extensively in the development of advanced controls for piloted aircraft and UAVs. In-flight simulators can act as a surrogate aircraft for new control laws and provide a safe test bed for research and development for new technology. (READ MORE)

Who Uses In-Flight Simulation?

Users include: The United States Air Force, Navy, Army, NASA, FAA, Test Pilot Schools, and Aircraft Manufacturers

As fly-by-wire flight controls find their way into more aircraft, the need for in-flight simulation has increased among aircraft manufacturers. In-flight simulators allow aircraft manufacturers to test their flight control designs in a safe and flexible environment. The FAA and NASA uses in-flight simulation as a research tool to explore new advanced control concepts that will make aircraft safer and easier to fly.

The United States Air Force, Navy, Army and the FAA have been using in-flight simulators for decades to train their test pilots and flight test engineers. Many aircraft manufactures also use in-flight simulators to train their test pilots. Unfortunately, due to the high cost, this training is out of reach of most pilots and smaller companies. That’s where we come in. (READ MORE)

How Can We Help?

Affordable In-Flight Simulation Solutions for Research and Training

We have two In-Flight Simulation aircraft and two mobile variable stability ground simulators with programmable active feel system and programmable heads up displays. Our initial short course offerings include:

  • Longitudinal Flying & Handling Qualities
  • Lateral-Directional Flying & Handling Qualities
  • Mystery Aircraft Flying & Handling Qualities Evaluation
  • System Identification
  • In-Flight Icing and its Effects on Aircraft Handling Qualities
  • Advanced Flight Controls

We have the equipment and expertise to tailor a short course or research project to your organization’s specific needs. Contact us for more details and pricing.


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Icing Short Course

Experience Icing in our In-Flight Simulation Aircraft
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Advanced Flight Controls Short Course
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