In-Flight Simulation

Aircraft Specification

Two Variable Stability Aircraft

Two variable stability aircraft: full authority hydraulic flight control system with fast response actuators, 6-DOF in-flight simulator, side force generators up to 0.5G, air data sensors on each wing


  • Right seat evaluation pilot with passive feel system and left seat safety pilot (PIC). Safety pilot controls are mechanically connected to the flight surfaces.
  • 6 Degree of freedom (6-DOF) in-flight simulator and 5-DOF aircrafts. Hydraulic actuators located on the evevator, aileron, rudder, throttle, flap, and side force generators (6-DOF) and no side force generators on 5-DOF.
  • Hydraulic system features a high capacity pump, aerospace solenoids, fast response aerospace actuators, and multiple levels of safety redundancy.

Variable Stability Ground Simulators Features:

ground flight simulator trainingWe offer two variable stability ground simulators well suited for research, aircraft integration, and procedures training. Our simulators are designed to be inexpensive development test beds for new control systems research before aircraft implementation. They also allow pilots to practice short course test cards before flight. This greatly enhances the overall learning experience before, during, and after each variable stability flight.

  • Programmable 3- axis Active Feel System “Control Loading”
  • 3 Large Curved Screen Displays with 4k Resolution
  • Mobile
  • Fully Customizable Touch Screen Instrument Panels
  • Variable Stability
  • Matlab / Simulink Interface
  • Butt Kicker Feedback System
  • Programmable Heads Up Display