In-Flight Simulation

Who Uses In-Flight Simulation?

In-Flight Simulators Used to Evaluate Fly-By-Wire Systems

Different fly-by-wire designs require different pilot techniques. Most fly-by-wire systems by design will respond well to open-loop tasks, however, closed loop tasks require additional pilot evaluations. A great example of a closed loop handling tasks is landing. This closed-loop task can quickly become high gain and elicit high workload from the pilot if the task is suddenly modified by a gust of wind. The pilot may experience a rapid degradation in flying qualities. This rapid degradation is known as a flying qualities cliff. Flight control systems with excessive time delays and / or rate limited actuators are excellent examples of flying qualities cliffs. In-Flight simulation allows pilots to safely evaluate different fly-by-wire systems with one aircraft. Test pilots can easily evaluate the effect of individual changes to the system. In-flight simulators offer the ultimate in visual fidelity and provide the motion cues needed to provide a realistic experience.